Woodlice love to remain in damp, dimly lit and moist places. Which also means that actually there has to be something going on you’ll need to handle around your home; since they frequently opt for outside the house. In most cases, you will find woodlice outside beneath rocks, rotting wood or perhaps underneath plant containers around your home. Although these tiny insects aren’t necessarily harmful to us. Nevertheless, they are woodlice and we never desire them with in our homes. There are various actions and methods we can do to keep them away from both our homes and outdoors – where they are supposed to be. Below are a few beneficial recommendations that will help prevent them from entering your home.

Woodlice usually never cause any damage to wood, but, possibly acquire their name from the fact that they, in many cases they are found residing in rotting logs and old tree trunks. They spend most of their time outdoors, underneath piles of damp leaves or decomposing garden waste materials. Just about anywhere damp and dark. They feed on dead plant material and are usually nocturnal. During the fall months, when the weather gets cooler, you will probably find them crawling about in your home. Heavy rainfall can also drive them inside your home. With the help of modern central heating systems; woodlice never actually survive for an extended time in the warm, dry conditions of a house. However when they find an older damp building, or enter into restrooms they can last a little longer.

Woodlice Control

Examine Your Foundation Outdoors

Examine your gutters and ensure they’re effectively draining and not developing excessive dampness. If it is the gutter, clean and fix them. If you discover any cracks in the foundation, use caulks on the cracks to seal them off. This could help keeping them away, and it is just a wise course of action for appropriate maintenance on your own home.

Get Rid of Potential Hiding Areas

Remove any rocks, old wood or plant containers, which are close to your home. As these are likely to be the hiding spots for these insects. Get these materials off of your home, in order to for them not to venture in.

Chemical And Electronic Pest Controls

There are two methods for you to begin this if you’d like to try this approach. Firstly, there is an electronic pest control. It is a plug-in device that transmits ultrasonic waves out, which drives those horrible woodlice outside your home. This is not supposed to be detrimental to humans, birds, cats, dogs or fish. But, in case you have any kinds of animals, such as gerbils or guinea pigs or hamsters; you should not employ this technique. It could possibly result in problems to these types of pets. Secondly, is a chemical pest control removal technique. Go to your local home improvement store and buy a chemical specific for this type of pest. Do not forget that the majority of the chemicals are dangerous, but if that does not cause a concern to you, then all is good.

Well, with such helpful points, the woodlice would never want to live in your home.

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